Since they ARE the comic, they really need a little introduction...


Because Pooka is a demon, he is androgynous, but I'll refer to him as a 'he' because it's easier (on me). He's been around for longer than he can count or remember.


Azrael lives with Pooka and is also androgynous (and I'll also refer to him as a 'he'). He's not as old as Pooka, or as high ranking in the kind of demon hierachy that there is.

Minor Characters  
The Underfiend

The Underfiend is just your average everyday panty obsessive. Not that there's anything average about having tentacles...


Two of Cerberus' heads have a fine noble bearing, but the other one is something of a ditz. Perhaps this is because of his breeding (50% demon, 40% doberman and 10% labrador). Oh, and he likes to snack on small children.

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